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30 Apr

Finally a night to catch up on some work, hang out at my place, and post some new photos. Well technically these aren’t ‘new’ photos but finally finished these after shooting my good friend Charles, from the band saddles, a few weeks ago.


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Justine Rd 1

27 Apr

This is part 1 for Justine in a two part series I had with her on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed her company and was able to snap some fantastic photos. I definitely look forward to shooting with her again.


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26 Apr

Had the opportunity to see my friends band, sleepwalker, play at the clubhouse the other night and captured a few photos from their set. If you haven’t had the chance to see them play live or hear them, definitely check them out. I really enjoyed the high energy set and look forward to them playing bigger and better shows in the future.


Jacob of Sleepwalker

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A Series in Development

24 Apr

One of the new series I’m starting to put into motion comes from photos I took in 2007 while studying abroad in China.

Here’s a sample of the series I’m working on.


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Beach House, The Middle East, and Bachelorette

20 Apr

There haven’t been many instances where I wake up the day after a show and say ‘WOW’ but that was the case this morning. Riding the wave of the post Coachella; Phoenix will definitely be getting some amazing shows and hopefully they can live up to the billing such as this.

Enjoy The Photos.

Beach House

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12 Apr

This was definitely one of the more memorable photo shoots of this short year and  was glad to be able to work with Brittany and Rachel. There is nothing better then stumbling upon an awesome location.

Enjoy the photos

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No Age

9 Apr

Over the past few months I’ve had the chance to work with some pretty cool bands but none being as authentic and genuine as NO AGE. I had the chance to photograph them while they played at the now dead Modified Arts in Phoenix, AZ for a magazine called Overt.

Here’s the photo from the shoot.

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