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The Game

25 Jul

The last few days have gone by increasingly fast as I’m currently in the process of moving and trying keep up with different projects have become some what of a hassle. Last night I had the opportunity to stop packing and head to the Venue of Scottsdale to catch The Game. I really didn’t know what to expect as I’m not all familiar with The Game’s music with the exception of a few songs.

Needless to say, I had a blast until The Game decided to ‘make it rain’ on the audience, throwing dollar bills at the crowd. With me situated right in front I had to battle arms and elbows flying at me.. I was doing well dodging them until I managed to get an elbow to the back of the head. It hurt.

After the show, I headed down to Derrick (of factory made future) for a going away party of a friend. All and all a good night.


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Tempe Town Lake

21 Jul

Dear Tempe Town Lake,

You were and will always be a fun place to visit, spend my leisure days bicycling, staring off into the unknown that was your lake, and other meaningless adventures. That was until tragedy struck last night and you decided that you no longer wanted to be apart of this world. I know you weren’t meant to last forever but it’s always to soon.

Until the next time,


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University Dr

21 Jul

I always enjoy hanging out with good people who are down to have some fun and will let me snap some photos. This photo adventure took place a little over a week ago at Arizona State University.


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Lil' Kim

18 Jul

Tonight marks the first time i’ve been to a live show in nearly a month, with Edward Sharpe being the last, and was definitely one of the more interesting shows I’ve been to in recent past.. I honestly don’t know how to even begin to describe the show with lil’ kim so I won’t even waste my breathe trying.

If you’re looking for more photos from the event check out Street Ape


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15 Jul

This week is all about getting caught up for me and I’m glad to say that I am finally caught up! I finally, after many years of knowing Taylor, had the opportunity to take some photos and have a fun little art project evening. The photo shoot lasted a little long but it was a lot of fun regardless. Wish her the best of luck as she heads down to Chile to study for school.


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No Age

13 Jul

Interview by Josh Conway for Street Ape

Street Ape: So I kinda have an idea. I know you guys are into the Urinals and stuff like that, right?

Dean Spunt & Randy Randall: Yeah.

SA: I love the Urinals myself…What are some bands that if you had control of time and history, you would like to have played a show with?

DS: When I was in seventh grade, this is what I thought about all the time. I always imagined I could go back in time to write the songs before the band writes the song…Because I wanted to go back to 1971 and well like I was in fuckin seventh grade and…

RR: Well what would you write? What song would you write?

DS: I don’t know. Yeah I’m over it. Whatever.

SA: So any bands…?

DS: I’d play with the Urinals.

RR: Scott Walker, Arthur Russell, and Paul McCartney.

DS: Janis Joplin and Scott Joplin together at the same time.

SA: So I have to ask something about The Smell.

RR: Okay.

SA: A lot of attention is brought to the area and-

RR: You see, I don’t use deodorant so “the smell” is kind of a natural thing. [Laughter]

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David of M.O.D.AL.E.W

12 Jul

I met David about a month ago at a local coffee shop where I was meeting with a friend to discuss some up-coming projects and trips. I came to find out that night that David owns and operates M.O.D.A.L.E.W, an event planning company,  I was excited to collaborate and work with him on some projects.

Let us fast forward to the present, I recently was able to do a guerilla style photo shoot at a local arcade while hobbling around on one leg for a feature on David and M.O.D.A.L.E.W for Street Ape.


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