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31 Aug

The Fader : “For a while, Aleks Martray lived in a punk house in Philadelphia where the Sun Ra Arkestra once performed. That’s a metaphor for his band Grandchildren, teetering between the line of buzzsaw rock and the fuzzy light in the sky. Grandchildren are on Green Owl, a label so far most known for releasing The Very Best, and therefor ambassadors of wild positivity. Grandchildren don’t quite have that same brash, blunt force of happiness, but come by their good mood in more subtle terms. “Saturn Returns,” from their debut, Everlasting, has acoustic strums, pitter patter rim shorts, a ton of mellow echo, carnival keys and a touch of funky prog bass. It’s quite a collage, veering excitedly and finally cohering into a properly radiant triumph.
Rad track from a cool new band.”

Click Here to download and listen to Saturn Returns



27 Aug

I’m really excited to see Warpaint live after missing them the last few times they’ve come through town. After constant touring, the buzz is finally catching up to them, and with good reason.


27 Aug

Wandering around downtown Phoenix on a Sunday afternoon is quiet the spectacle. Unless there’s a sporting event, the city is a complete ghost town. Last Sunday, a friend of mine and myself went on a walkabout, scouting locations to possibly shoot for different projects that I wanted to accomplish.

I found a gem of a parking garage located in the heart of downtown unfortunately as we started shooting a security guard came and quickly kicked us out. Needless to say, I was quite bummed about the whole experience especially since we weren’t bugging anybody. Lesson Learned. Prior to finding the parking garage we found a really interesting alley so in the end it all worked out but the search for new locations continues.


Computer and I

26 Aug

Twin Shadow

25 Aug

It’s high noon in Brooklyn but its always midnight on southern, dead end suburban streets. Here, there is total silence except for the house at the very end, where inside a tin roof garage, teenagers are kissing for the first time. The humidity is too great, the boys peel off white t’s and the girls cheeks are flushed, beet red under the garage’s two fluorescent stripes. In a pond behind the house an alligator waits for a snow birds’ Pomeranian to take its night stroll. A child is sleep walking for the first time. Some one is running away for the last time. The music is too loud on the 12 D battery boom box radio, the cops are on their way. It’s at this moment you hear the music of Twin Shadow on a radio station transmitting suburban ghost dreams that sound like a slow motion shot of a cannon, singing about spirits, visions, and aural hallucinations cutting through the first American night.

Bio taken from the website of Twin Shadow

Local Natives

20 Aug

If you haven’t heard of these guys, you have officially been living under a rock. Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, was released in February here in the States and is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of this year.

Here is one of the tracks from the album:

Make sure to visit their website for Tour Dates

Thee Oh Sees

19 Aug

One of the bands I’m most excited about seeing at Fuck Yeah Fest this is year is Thee Oh Sees.

Here is the official video for Meat Step Lively off of their latest album Warm Slime.

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