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Twin Shadow “Forget”

30 Sep

Twin shadow “FORGET” 2010
Sara Dalton

In an age where trends seem to continuously repeat themselves in both fashion
and music, Twin Shadow’s 2010 album, “Forget,” is nothing less than an addition to the endless cycle. Reminiscent of the soundtrack in a 1980s John Cusack film, Twin Shadow supplies listeners with an instant flashback to an era that is best known for laced gloves and the Thriller dance.

The album embarks the journey back to the future with the tune “Tyrant Destroyer.” With lyrics such as, “Who was I to think that on a Saturday night you were really back at home alone, and the way that I left you just hanging on Sundays, every fair skinned boy would take you home,” the song makes you want to sit outside of your crushes’ house with a boom box on your shoulder confessing your inner infatuation regardless of what a “tyrant destroyer” love truly is.
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Grandchildren Interview

29 Sep

Street Ape recently spoke with frontman Aleks Martray from the band Grandchildren about touring, the upcoming release of Everlasting, and everything in between. Check back for a full album review coming soon.

Grandchildren started off more so as a solo project; which grew into the full band was this the direction you wanted the project to go?

I think it’s really a perfect storm where everybody in the band has a really unique role because everybody plays multiple instruments.  Everybody is composers, everybody writes music, and so I think were definitely in a good place for being a 6 piece, a small orchestra,  So yeah, we’re pretty much where we want to be.

We all have known each other for a long time, playing in different projects and bands, and the album came together with us all living, playing shows, doing live (DIY) recording. Just the fact that the album is finally finished is huge with us so we can get back to living on the road, and connecting with the fans.

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No Age

29 Sep

No Age finally releases a follow up to Nouns with Everything in Between, an album, I’m personally looking forward to.

Click here for our interview with No Age

Click here for Glitter

Click here for fever dream

The Drums and Surfer Blood

29 Sep

The other night I had the opportunity to work with the Drums and Surfer Blood at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona. The Drums were a band that I’ve been wanting to see for awhile and they did not disappoint.

The Drums::

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23 Sep

Street Ape recently spoke with frontman Aleks Martray from the band Grandchildren about touring, the upcoming release of Everlasting, and everything in between. Check back shortly for the interview.

In the mean time, here’s your chance to listen to the album before it’s official release

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The Music Box

21 Sep

The drive out to Los Angeles was all worth it when I had the opportunity to see the Local Natives show at the Music Box in Hollywood on Saturday night. It was the band’s second consecutive sold out show at the venue and the kids were just as energetic as the band swaying back and forth t0 the sounds.

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Local Natives Interview

20 Sep

Street Ape recently sat down with Andy, bassist of the Local Natives, for an one on one interview

There’s been a solid reaction to the album since the release of Gorilla Manor in February, how has the buzz picked up from your perspective?

Andy: Uhmm, I don’t know. I wish I had the answer there is no formula you know? People either love to hear or hate to hear but working hard. There wasn’t a specific moment that sparked it, playing tons of shows and really working on the music and my opinion taking things very seriously. I think that it’s super fun to be in a band but we started really paying attention to how we were writing the songs, what direction we wanted to go and once we set our sights on that went for it. Continue reading