Grandchildren Interview

29 Sep

Street Ape recently spoke with frontman Aleks Martray from the band Grandchildren about touring, the upcoming release of Everlasting, and everything in between. Check back for a full album review coming soon.

Grandchildren started off more so as a solo project; which grew into the full band was this the direction you wanted the project to go?

I think it’s really a perfect storm where everybody in the band has a really unique role because everybody plays multiple instruments.  Everybody is composers, everybody writes music, and so I think were definitely in a good place for being a 6 piece, a small orchestra,  So yeah, we’re pretty much where we want to be.

We all have known each other for a long time, playing in different projects and bands, and the album came together with us all living, playing shows, doing live (DIY) recording. Just the fact that the album is finally finished is huge with us so we can get back to living on the road, and connecting with the fans.

When did you guys get together as a group, and say ‘hey this is what I want to do for my career and be successful’?

I think we’ve all been pretty serious. It was around the second tour we did and we were two separate bands was kind of a huge eye awakening realization that we should all just come together and form one band under grandchildren. Just because we got a lot of responses and it was a rough tour with a lot of ups and downs. But we got amazing responses that was consistent with the shows from the audiences and it really inspired us to pursue it on a more professional level and it’s the one thing no matter what’s going on in our life we have to do.

Influence and inspiration come from everywhere; How did you create your unique sound for Everlasting?

At the core of the album and grandchildren is the idea of embracing everything around you. Like when you’re like a little kid and your mind absorbs everything like a sponge; everything we grew up listening to like a lot of pop music and the music our parents listen to (mo-town to classical). I really feel like we’re all about embracing all of those things and bring them to our music. Not in a hybrid way but finding your own unique sound.


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