Twin Shadow “Forget”

30 Sep

Twin shadow “FORGET” 2010
Sara Dalton

In an age where trends seem to continuously repeat themselves in both fashion
and music, Twin Shadow’s 2010 album, “Forget,” is nothing less than an addition to the endless cycle. Reminiscent of the soundtrack in a 1980s John Cusack film, Twin Shadow supplies listeners with an instant flashback to an era that is best known for laced gloves and the Thriller dance.

The album embarks the journey back to the future with the tune “Tyrant Destroyer.” With lyrics such as, “Who was I to think that on a Saturday night you were really back at home alone, and the way that I left you just hanging on Sundays, every fair skinned boy would take you home,” the song makes you want to sit outside of your crushes’ house with a boom box on your shoulder confessing your inner infatuation regardless of what a “tyrant destroyer” love truly is.
The album continues in true 80s fashion with tracks such as “Castles in the Snow” and “When We Were Dancing,” which delivers a sound relevant to The Cure’s. With the use of synthesizers and low drums beats, this album is worthy of nothing less than a head nod and a foot tapping the tempo (but is truly worthy of being background music at a massive dance party). Images of broad shoulder pads and hair tied to the side come to mind when listening to the accompanying beats along with George Lewis Jrs’ seductive voice. With this album, Twin Shadow has markedly joined the bandwagon that is headed back in time, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. In the song, “I Can’t Wait,” the keyboard could be heard as an imitating sound that one would imagine
hearing when having a flashback. The same effect is given through the guitar riffs on the track that gave the album its name, “Forget.”

Every trend to this day is everything but original, but we love it all the same. And although Twin Shadow tries to make the sound their own, they are nothing short of Steven Patrick Morrissey while he sang for the Smiths. Yet George Lewis Jr. is crafty in the way that he portrays himself through his lyrics. And although this album could be categorized as yet another attempt to be trendy, Lewis Jr. does not let the attention of the listener go. Twin Shadow provides a sound filled with such retrospective pop and unrefined emotion that within all of the applicable 1980s references, the name of the 2010 Twin Shadow album has the exact opposite effect. With drum beats creditable of moving even the sternest foot, licks responsible for acted upon air guitars, and lines such as “you’re my favorite daydream,” surely do not let the listener forget this album.


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