Grandchildren “Everlasting”

7 Oct

Grandchildren “Everlasting”              2010
Sara Dalton

Have you ever sat in the back seat of a car and wondered what the soundtrack to your thoughts would be? If you haven’t, please take the time to do so. If you have, then rest assured that Grandchildren’s debut album Everlasting is the answer to your question. Everlasting debuts not only a band that came
together to form a six-piece orchestra, but the talents that the members contain. The instrumental expansion that is Grandchildren is comprised of an assortment of intense talent. With vocalist Aleksander Martray, bassist and percussionist Russell Brodie, guitarist Adam Katz, drummer Roman Salcic, pianist and synthesizer pro John Vogel and Trsitan Palazzolo on everything and beyond— this sextet is spellbinding.

The album starts out with a hectic drum beat that is then accompanied by a tranquil piano hum. Martray enters with a voice that sounds almost dream-like and similar to Avey Tare of Animal Collective. In the first song of the album, “Cold Warrior,” steel drums are perceptible and repetitive yet still enjoyable.
Within the very next song, a profound guitar sound is created. In “Winterlude,” the guitar presents a classic resonance alike Explosions in the Sky, but is made its own when the guitar and synthesizer join in unison and are continually followed with crescendos of all instruments.
The catchiest song on the album is “Heartbreaker.” It is almost as if they took every instrument made and somehow incorporated them into this tune. Martray enters immediately, being followed with clapping hands and a kind guitar plucking away. The sounds of your thoughts appear audible; the song
starts out slow and captivating, but within the first minute it becomes a battlefield of marching soldiers whistling through chaos. It is a vision of your thought process, whereas your thoughts start out quiet but
gradually grow larger and louder than before. Grandchildren capture this process in the most suitable way possible, hypnotizing the mind as it seeks for a way out.

If you are looking for an answer to your question, Grandchildren deliver an evoking sound throughout the entirety of the album that serves as the perfect explanation. Everlasting could be described as an experimental album, but it is also an embracing sense of what is around you when the calm has emerged
after the storm. The album yanks on the chains of every emotion, bringing a sentiment of ambiguity, calamity, and serenity into one through use of clamoring beats, idle guitar bends, mesmerizing synth strums and hazy vocals. With these uses Grandchildren have found their own distinguishing way of
presenting themselves through this album. And although bands like Animal Collective and Explosions in the Sky do exist and have generated comparable noise, do not let that steer you away from experiencing the trip that is Everlasting.


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