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The New day

4 Dec

I ❤ pink


Los Angeles

6 Sep

This weekend turned out to be better then even I could of expected. F Yeah Fest was absolutely amazing and if you weren’t there you missed out big time. I will be going through the photos from the event the next few days as I organize my thoughts.

So Stay tuned and check back often as I have photos from Warpaint, Local Natives, Best Coast, Man Man, and others!


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3 Sep

So instead of packing for Los Angeles, I decided to work on some photos from a recent photo shoot I did with Mari in Downtown Phoenix. I’m really happy with the way the photos turned out and look forward to working with Mari again in the future.

Now time to pack up for Fuck Yeah Fest and Los Angeles. Check back in the next couple days to see some new photos and interviews!


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27 Aug

Wandering around downtown Phoenix on a Sunday afternoon is quiet the spectacle. Unless there’s a sporting event, the city is a complete ghost town. Last Sunday, a friend of mine and myself went on a walkabout, scouting locations to possibly shoot for different projects that I wanted to accomplish.

I found a gem of a parking garage located in the heart of downtown unfortunately as we started shooting a security guard came and quickly kicked us out. Needless to say, I was quite bummed about the whole experience especially since we weren’t bugging anybody. Lesson Learned. Prior to finding the parking garage we found a really interesting alley so in the end it all worked out but the search for new locations continues.


University Dr

21 Jul

I always enjoy hanging out with good people who are down to have some fun and will let me snap some photos. This photo adventure took place a little over a week ago at Arizona State University.


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15 Jul

This week is all about getting caught up for me and I’m glad to say that I am finally caught up! I finally, after many years of knowing Taylor, had the opportunity to take some photos and have a fun little art project evening. The photo shoot lasted a little long but it was a lot of fun regardless. Wish her the best of luck as she heads down to Chile to study for school.


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11 Jul

As previously stated, I’ve kept myself busy getting ready for the release of the sunshine book that has taken up most of my time. You can only look at certain photos so many times before I decided to take a break and update with a photo shoot I did recently with Tayler-Anne. It was an absolute blast working with Tayler-Anne during our shoot and hope to work with her again in the future.


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