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Grandchildren Interview

29 Sep

Street Ape recently spoke with frontman Aleks Martray from the band Grandchildren about touring, the upcoming release of Everlasting, and everything in between. Check back for a full album review coming soon.

Grandchildren started off more so as a solo project; which grew into the full band was this the direction you wanted the project to go?

I think it’s really a perfect storm where everybody in the band has a really unique role because everybody plays multiple instruments.  Everybody is composers, everybody writes music, and so I think were definitely in a good place for being a 6 piece, a small orchestra,  So yeah, we’re pretty much where we want to be.

We all have known each other for a long time, playing in different projects and bands, and the album came together with us all living, playing shows, doing live (DIY) recording. Just the fact that the album is finally finished is huge with us so we can get back to living on the road, and connecting with the fans.

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23 Sep

Street Ape recently spoke with frontman Aleks Martray from the band Grandchildren about touring, the upcoming release of Everlasting, and everything in between. Check back shortly for the interview.

In the mean time, here’s your chance to listen to the album before it’s official release

Click Here to stream

Local Natives Interview

20 Sep

Street Ape recently sat down with Andy, bassist of the Local Natives, for an one on one interview

There’s been a solid reaction to the album since the release of Gorilla Manor in February, how has the buzz picked up from your perspective?

Andy: Uhmm, I don’t know. I wish I had the answer there is no formula you know? People either love to hear or hate to hear but working hard. There wasn’t a specific moment that sparked it, playing tons of shows and really working on the music and my opinion taking things very seriously. I think that it’s super fun to be in a band but we started really paying attention to how we were writing the songs, what direction we wanted to go and once we set our sights on that went for it. Continue reading

These Are Powers

15 Sep

Street Ape:  As far back as you guys can remember, what originally inspired you to become musicians? I know it’s a cliché question but what was your earliest memory that kinda brought it to past for you?
Bill: I got into hip hop around eleven or twelve through my sister’s boyfriend at the time, who’s now her husband actually and I started making beats right away. Basically, I was listening to a lot of like electronic music and hip hop and somehow I was just like….essentially I was like “I could do this too, I can make beats as well.” I was already djing a little bit at this point too or at that particular time. So I just decided one day that I could also probably make beats, or at least I wanted to give it a shot. So I started making beats when I was fifteen, when I got my first sampler. But um yeah, cliché as it might be…it’s a great question. I know for a fact that I don’t quite think about that enough you know, “why did I originally…like why am I playing music?” You take it for granted I think after a certain number of years, you just kinda do it habitually you know? You know that you need to do it but you don’t- I don’t usually ask myself why that is. Um, I started making beats early on just cause it was something to do and it was fun and something told me I could probably do it alright. I just kept going and going and kept feeding that desire and I kept on getting better and I saw improvements as it feeds on itself.

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No Age

13 Jul

Interview by Josh Conway for Street Ape

Street Ape: So I kinda have an idea. I know you guys are into the Urinals and stuff like that, right?

Dean Spunt & Randy Randall: Yeah.

SA: I love the Urinals myself…What are some bands that if you had control of time and history, you would like to have played a show with?

DS: When I was in seventh grade, this is what I thought about all the time. I always imagined I could go back in time to write the songs before the band writes the song…Because I wanted to go back to 1971 and well like I was in fuckin seventh grade and…

RR: Well what would you write? What song would you write?

DS: I don’t know. Yeah I’m over it. Whatever.

SA: So any bands…?

DS: I’d play with the Urinals.

RR: Scott Walker, Arthur Russell, and Paul McCartney.

DS: Janis Joplin and Scott Joplin together at the same time.

SA: So I have to ask something about The Smell.

RR: Okay.

SA: A lot of attention is brought to the area and-

RR: You see, I don’t use deodorant so “the smell” is kind of a natural thing. [Laughter]

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Album Leaf Interview

12 May

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and do a phone interview with one of my favorite musicians; Jimmy LaValle of the band the Album Leaf. The Album Leaf will be playing in Phoenix Thursday May 13th at the Mesa Art Center.

Now for the good stuff.

After the interview I felt something was missing especially being a visual person so I began working on a stop motion film to accompany the interview. Nearly 5 1/2 hours passed and I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out.

check it out below the jump

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