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27 Oct

Caribou Live at The Clubhouse October 9th, 2010
by Sara Dalton
photo by Tyler Nevitt
The concert was scheduled to commence at 8:00pm on October 9th, but in true live-performance fashion, the show began at 9:45pm with Emerald. The set-up was sluggish and the band was the opposite of fascinating from the start. The group was a collection of three young guys (who did not even introduce themselves), and the only possible good quality about them was their guitar player.

The songs were monotonous, supplying the crowd with a cyclic serenade which could also be known as a headache. The least to say is that the concert started out almost two hours behind schedule with a particularly poor opening act.

The audience portrayed loyalty though, sticking through the struggling opening band to see the main men perform. And dedicated as they were, Caribou took stage with gracious smiles as a, “ thank you for waiting” commemoration. Dressed in all white and accompanied by their psychedelic background stood Dan Snaith, Ryan Smith, Brad Weber, and John Schmersal. Snaith settled with his drum set and his keyboard at the front of the stage while the other members became acclimated with their instruments as well.
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The Drums and Surfer Blood

29 Sep

The other night I had the opportunity to work with the Drums and Surfer Blood at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona. The Drums were a band that I’ve been wanting to see for awhile and they did not disappoint.

The Drums::

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Local Natives and Man Man

13 Sep

Man Man

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Vanilla Ice

29 May

The title should say it all.. Vanilla Ice performed last night and I honestly didn’t know he was coming to town until the absolute last minute so I  decided to just grab my camera and head to the venue of scottsdale in hopes of running into somebody I know.

Obviously since I’m posting this I got into the event and I did manage to have a blast.


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26 Apr

Had the opportunity to see my friends band, sleepwalker, play at the clubhouse the other night and captured a few photos from their set. If you haven’t had the chance to see them play live or hear them, definitely check them out. I really enjoyed the high energy set and look forward to them playing bigger and better shows in the future.


Jacob of Sleepwalker

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Beach House, The Middle East, and Bachelorette

20 Apr

There haven’t been many instances where I wake up the day after a show and say ‘WOW’ but that was the case this morning. Riding the wave of the post Coachella; Phoenix will definitely be getting some amazing shows and hopefully they can live up to the billing such as this.

Enjoy The Photos.

Beach House

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Washed Out

26 Mar

This has been an one of the most interesting and busiest week of my life so far. Recently, I was able to work with Ernest Greene of the band Washed Out and I have to admit that I was extremely excited to work with him.

Anyways, enjoy the photos!

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